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A neo-retro arcade game blending shmups with pong · By Assjack Games


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Experience Raw Power
Hey everyone, happy to finally be able to relaunch my game as it's been quite a while since the last update. I do work on this part-time so I do what I can in m...
January Progress Update
Hello everyone, hope you all had a fantastic and family-filled holiday season. Happy belated New Years too, let's make this a great year for indie games. Just w...
New Weapon Coming Soon
It seems my game has made it to some people's home page according to my analytics. Pretty cool if true, I do need more testers. So I wanted to give a quick upda...
Empowerment Update & Publisher Ready
While it has taken longer than I would have liked I'm proud to present the first major update to Pongslaught, bringing with it a wealth of new ideas and refinem...
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Whitebox Bug Fixed
Hey everyone, I took the opportunity of visiting my family (holiday here in Canada) to debug the notorious visual bug that's been plaguing many users since open...
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Hello World
Hey everyone, thought I should give an introduction to my game (PONGslaught), a very brief history and what's planned next. I'm Leo by the way, just me so far (...